Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), namely Pocket PCs, for robot monitoring and control is desirable for highly automated and autonomous applications.


This video shows an interesting application that works with ANY robot controller in the market.


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Link to video (using an ABB robot): http://robota.dem.uc.pt/pda_control/pda-controlb.zip



Link to video (using a Motoman robot): http://robota.dem.uc.pt/video_motoman.rar




- Wireless PDA running Windows Mobile 2003/2005

- Coded using C# for Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005

- TCP/IP or UDP Datagram socket connection


J. Norberto Pires

Email: norberto@robotics.dem.uc.pt

Web: http://robotics.dem.uc.pt/norberto/